Other Pages

The Registration Application has several other screens available for users with various organisational roles. All these screens are not available to the Heads of Delegation:

  • Participants
  • Actions
  • Templates
  • Event

The Participants screen lists all competition and non-competition events that fencers can register for. For all these events there is a download button to download a CSV file of participant information. You can use this file to generate invitations or name badges.

This screen also allows the DT to download the XML files for the competitions.

The Actions screen displays some statistics about the entire event (number of registrations, number of fencers). It also indicates the number of photo IDs that need to be checked or replaced. To support this, a ‘Check’ button is available that opens a dialog with photo IDs that need to be checked and approved. Use this dialog to flip through all the unapproved photo IDs and indicate their new state.

The Templates screen houses the Template Editor. It is a crude interface allowing basic layout adjustments of the Accreditation Badge templates. Using a drag-and-drop interface, the positioning of certain elements of the badge can be adjusted, including size, position and colour. Editting and adjusting the Accreditation Badge templates is usually a task of the EVF, in coordination and cooperation with the event organisation.

The Event screen is only visible for System administrators. It allows setting and configuring the current event, for example the registration open/close dates, the various competitions available, financial data and configurable settings.