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European Veterans Fencing delivers the European Championships each year in May through according the hosting rights to Member Federations.

In even years, (0,2,4,6,8) Team Championships are contested and in odd years (1,3,5,7,9) Individual Championships are contested.  Any and all veteran fencers in Europe are able to participate in the Individual Championships while the Team Championships are made up of either Veteran Teams of V1 and V2 fencers or Grand Veteran Teams of V3 and V4 fencers.

Member Nations may bid to host the European Championships by applying to EVF and having a vote at an EVF Congress.  See the Handbook of Regulations for details.

Forthcoming Championships:

  • 2025 Plovdiv (individual)
  • 2026 Madrid (teams)
  • 2027 Skopje (individual)
  • 2028 Bids pending (teams)
  • 2029 Bids invited (individual)

See the calendar for more details.

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