Event Registration


Heads of Delegations are allowed to register fencers for EVF operated events through the application on the EVF website. For this they need ‘registrar’ rights for a specific country. More than one website user can have such ‘registrar’ rights for the same country, in case there are different HoDs of the same country for different events, for example. However, each HoD of a country can register fencers of that country for all events open for registration.

Registration is also allowed for users with event Registrar rights. In that case, an additional country selection option is displayed in lieu of the ‘Head of Delegation of …’ header depicted in the images below.


Registration is started by clicking on the Register button for the relevant event in the Calendar overview. The basic overview for a HoD displays two tabs: Registration and Cashier. Event organisers may see more tab options.

The opening screen is depicted above. Marked in red are some key features. The tabular interface at the top indicates this is the Registration screen. Other screens are documented elsewhere.

Below the country indication is the search option to add new fencers to the registration, as well as an ‘Add New Fencer’ option to add fencers that were not previously registered.
Then follows a ‘harmonica’ of participant lists for each of the events. At the top, a list of all participants for this country is displayed. If there are any special events for which people can sign up (like a Gala Diner), it is displayed below all regular competitions. Each competition list displays the number of entries and the number of actual competing athletes. Non-competition events only display the number of participants.

Search and Add

For Registrars without an assigned country (EVF administrators, event organisers), a Country selection dropdown is visible in place of the ‘Head of Delegation’ text. This selection (not displayed in the image) will restrict selection of fencers for registration to the selected country. For regular HoDs, the country is set to the associated country of this HoD, in the case of the image the non-existing country Testonia.

By typing in text in the search field, the database is queried for fencers of the selected country matching their name with the text. These suggestion are displayed in the suggestion area directly below the search field. By clicking on the right hand side selection icon, a selection dialog is opened where the actual registration of the fencer can be set (see below). As each fencer is registered, they will appear in the relevant participant lists in the ‘harmonica’ at the bottom of the page. Each entry there also displays the selection icon to further update the registration of the fencer.

If the correct fencers do not show up in the list above, a new fencer may have to be registered in the database. Click on the ‘Add New Fencer’ link on the lower right in the above image to open the ‘New Fencer’ dialog. Here you can enter the relevant information for this fencer.

The fields in this dialog speak for themselves. The surname is converted to all capitals upon saving; the country cannot be changed. Only the year of birth is used for determining categories, a complete birthdate is not strictly required (except for identification purposes if so required by the organisation). After saving, the fencer will appear in the suggestion area below the search field, where the entry can be selected as normal for further registration.

Registration Selection

Once the correct fencer is found or added to the database, the selection icon at the end of the row of this fencer can be clicked to open the Registration Selection Dialog.

For each of the available competitions and other side events, the HoD can indicate the presence of the selected person (fencer). The above image depicts 4 typical situations:

  • 1: the fencer wants an accreditation as coach on the Mens Epee Cat 2 event on 14 May. By clicking on the checkbox, the first role (Coach) is selected automatically. As the fencer cannot compete in this competition, the Athlete role is not available.
  • 2: the row with a green background indicates this is an event matching gender and age category of the fencer. This fencer wants to participate in the Mens Epee Cat 3 event as competitor. By selecting the checkbox, the Athlete role is automatically selected.
  • 3: The fencer can also participate in the Mens Foil Cat 3 event, but instead will be present as a Team Armourer. Either directly select the relevant role, or check the checkbox and then change the role.
  • 4: The fencer also wishes to buy a ticket for the Gala Diner. There are no roles to select for this non-competition event, so only selecting the checkbox suffices.

As each registration is marked, the data is directly saved to the webservice database. This process is marked at the end of the row. In case of errors (marked with a cross), or when the ‘saving’ state is not replaced (marked with a cloud-and-arrow) please try reloading the application: there could be problems with the current authentication session and reloading will reenforce this. If the problem persists, contact the EVF.

The Cashier tab will only list fees for competitions the fencer participates in as an Athlete, and for non-competition side events that have an associated cost (like a Gala Diner).

Accreditation Photo

The Registration Selection dialog described above also allows entering a (new) ID photo to be used on accreditation badges required during the event. Please select a JPEG image (photo) clearly depicting the fencer to easy identification. This photo does not have to meet all regular standards required for passports or licenses, but needs to be clear enough.

Upon uploading, the image is adjusted with respect to width, height and overall size. This automatic adjustment is quick and dirty. In case of problems, adjust the image before uploading using a common image program (e.g. Paint). The format is about 413 by 531 pixels, with an aspect ratio of about 0.77 (width is 77% of height). This is a regular format for photo’s used for IDs.

After closing the Registration Selection dialog, the participant overview displays the current list of participants, with a summary of the registered events and the state of the accreditation photo ID.

In the image above:

  • 1: there are 4 participants registered, of which 2 actually compete in fencing competitions (4/2)
  • 2: one of the registered participants is ‘No veteran’. This means the date of birth as entered does not qualify this participant for any competition. This is not a problem, as long as the person only acts as support (coach, armourer, head of delegation)
  • 3: the ‘Event’ column gives a quick overview of the events for which this fencer is registered. Athletes are sorted above non-athletes. For support registrations, roles are not listed here, but with the participant list for each of the side events lower down the ‘harmonica’.
  • 4: the camera icons at the end of each row indicate the state of the photo ID.
    Blue means ‘photo was uploaded, is available, pending approval’.
    Green means ‘photo was approved by the organisation (or an organisation of a previous event)’.
    Red means ‘photo is available, but a replacement is requested’.
    A red cross means no photo was uploaded yet. All camera icons should be green by the time registration access closes.