EVF Circuit Event Updates

This week-end (13-14 November) the EVF Sabre Circuit Event takes place in Madrid. We wish all fencers a fun and successful time and we thank the organisers for delivering the event safely for everyone.

You can follow the results by clicking on the Live Resutls button on the home page.

We have also had to make the sad announcement that the EVF Foil Event scheduled for Munich in early December has been cancelled due to the Bavarian Government imposing new restrictions as a result of the surge in Covid.

We really hoped that we had gone past the Covid Cancellations of our events but the safety of our Veteran Fencers remains our highest priority. If any of you had made bookings I do hope you are able to get your costs refunded or claim on insurance.

The next scheduled EVF Circuit Event is Guildford in January. This is a 6 weapon Event so we hope to see lots of old and new friends to start 2022 with a feast of fencing!