Howto Add News

Adding a new news item is a breeze in WordPress. This website uses ‘Posts’ for news items, specifically posts of the category ‘News’.

From the Dashboard, select the ‘Posts’ -> ‘Add New’ menu option. This will take you to a page where you can immediately start typing the news headline (the ‘title’) and the news item content. You can use all features of the Block Editor to add images, links and styling to your news item. However, the advise is to keep it fairly simple: news items are short notifications listed on the News overview page. The space there is restricted (only the left hand column of the page), so images and complicated styling may not show up correctly.

Whatever you do, do not paste your content directly from, for example, Word. The resulting styling is notoriously bad. Please paste the content in a simple editor (Notepad), then copy-paste it into the WordPress Block Editor. Finally, apply additional styling if necessary.

Do’s and Dont’s

Before you submit the new News item using the Upload button on the top right, make sure to select the category News from the section on the sidebar to the right. You may need to select ‘Post’ at the top of the sidebar to get all settings for the entire post (as opposed to settings for a specific block in the post content). Then click on the Categories section and check the ‘News’ checkbox.

If you need to explain a lot, or you need to use tables and lists, large images or extended use of colours, please consider creating a regular page with this information and a news item that only links to that page. This keeps the news page concise and clear.

Do not make news items visible only to specific user roles using the ‘Profile Builder Content Restrictions’ at the bottom. All news items are for general interest and the website is not used as primary communication channel for members in this way.

In general, do not allow comments on news items. Commenting is restricted to logged in users side wide and the comment section for news items is not the place to discuss the news content. In rare cases, for example for obituaries, you may want to open comments for logged in users, so that people with a story to tell can add that to the obituary.